New Year New You!

New Year New You!

Our inner old person may be silently screaming, ‘How is it 2020 already? Where does the time go?’ but our outer most fabulous person is saying, ‘Oh hey new hair’. Because a new year (and new decade!) brings with it a whole host of new hairstyles and hair trends just waiting to be experimented with.

At Opus Hair Design we pride ourselves in listening to our clients, understanding their hair desires and making sure we bring them to life.

As we hit the ground running in 2020 many clients are asking…

How do I keep my blonde bright without damaging my hair?

Here at Opus we have a variety of GHD and L’Oréal professional treatments to suit all hair types, ensuring our clients maintain healthy happy hair. 

I’ve always fancied being brunette, but I don’t know if it would suit me? 

We’ve all done it, been bold, made the change and hoped we look Angelina Jolie or Elizabeth Taylor in her hay day!  Soon realising we in fact we look like neither, and in fact  we don’t look brunette at all!  Opus Hair Design complete full complementary consultations, completing colour tests to ensure it’s the right look and colour for you, and it won’t damage your hair!

I wish I knew how to curl with GHD’s!?

Opus Hair Design can help, offering a complementary tutorial with your next hair appointment, just enquire when you next book an appointment.

Whatever hair change you’re looking for in 2020, Opus Hair Design is dedicated to you to make that happen.